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Doula Information

Giving birth is an exciting, profound occasion; my role as doula is to help you achieve the birth you desire and deserve. My primary goal is for you to have a positive, lasting, and fulfilling birth experience and memory.

I am currently a doula-in-training with CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association). Though I am a trained psychotherapist, have worked with pregnant and postpartum women as a Master Pilates instructor for over a decade, have attended births as a birth photographer, and feel confident and competent in my role and abilities to serve and support women and their partner through the birth process, I acknowledge there is always more to learn. For this reason I desire to work and practice both within and under the auspices of a professional certifying organization such as CAPPA.

What is a Doula?

A Doula is a trained professional birth aid who attends the birthing family before, during, and just after the birth of a baby. I am trained to provide emotional support from home to hospital. Together with the prospective mother's partner (if they are present), I am the constant at the birth as mama goes through the various stages of the birthing process: the transition from home to hospital; as the midwife or physician comes and goes, balances their many responsibilities; as nurses and hospital staffs change over, etc. I also serve as emotional support, as a labor coach, as partner support, along with providing comfort measures (such as helping with positioning, providing massage, etc. ), and help the mother receive the information she needs to make informed decisions for her babe’s delivery. As a doula I additionally facilitate effective and collaborative communication between the mother, her partner, and the various clinical care providers. In sum, I am there in my capacity as a doula to nurture and enrich the mother’s birth experience, aiming to provide a positive and fulfilling birth memory.

The process and my services outlined:

If you’re considering inviting me into your sacred birth space to serve as your doula, I’d like to meet you in your home to discuss my services and determine if we’re a right match for each other. This first meeting will always be complimentary.

If you choose to hire me as your doula, we’ll meet in your home once or twice after the first complimentary meeting. These meetings will serve for us to get to know each other better. I want to learn about you, your family, explore your thoughts and feelings about the impending birth of your baby, and discuss your birth preferences and how I might best support you and your partner throughout your labor and birth.

I will be on-call from 38-weeks on. Once you are in progressive labor I will join you either at home or the hospital once you are in need of my support. I will stay with you throughout the process up until 2 hours after the birth. A week or so post-birth I’ll come to your home for a casual postpartum visit to discuss your birth experience and see if I may help in connecting you with any additional resources to help you in your breastfeeding and postpartum mothering journey.

I will be available to you and your partner by phone or email throughout your pregnancy and postpartum to provide additional support.

Please contact me for pricing.

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