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I'm a wife to a graduate student of religion and mama to a spirited three-year-old person, Adiah, as well as our newest little, Walden. We moved to Blairstown, New Jersey from Princeton, NJ the summer of 2015 for my husband to teach at a boarding school. I serve the North Western part of NJ and the surrounding areas as both birth photographer and doula, along with offering my other specialties of lifestyle maternity, newborn, breastfeeding and babywearing photography.

I’m also a Master Pilates instructor who specializes in pre- and post-natal Pilates, as well as a trained psychotherapist. While I have many professional interests, they all intersect with my interest in people and their stories. My favorite stories just happen to be those of the experiences of expanding families, whatever your family may look like.

As a photographer I see my role as helping families tell these stories. I aim to capture the authentic connections people share with one another in the life moments they'll never forget. From maternity through birth to newborn and breastfeeding photos, I take photos in order to fill in all the meaningful details surrounding your experience, creating for you an intimate and artistic visual collection that your family will forever treasure.

As a doula I see my role as helping you achieve the birth you desire and deserve. I am there to help create a safe birth environment for you and your partner. My primary goal is for you to have a positive, lasting, and fulfilling birth memory.

I'd love to get to know you. I'd love to help you tell your story.

A few more odd bits about me:

I value intimate relationships, family, curiosity, wellness, self-awareness, vulnerability, strength, honesty, devotion, intentionality, and hospitality.

I am passionate about mothering, birth, care for the environment, self-care, and creating a comfortable and safe place for others.

And I seriously dig: dark chocolate, coffee dates, full-bodied red wine, wool socks, Pilates, Call the Midwife (BBC show), dancing like a fool around my living room, whole-foods cookbooks, and my Vitamix!

Warren County and NW New Jersey Birth Photographer & Doula