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The Birth of Cae Ernest ~ Central New Jersey Birth Photography

Monday, December 1, 2014

(To view in HD click "vimeo.")

Upon first meeting Lucelia and John I knew their home was going to be such a warm and inviting birth environment. Indeed, upon my arrival there I quickly realized it was something out of my home birth dreams -- a candle lit room, emanating the scent of relaxing essential oils, for instance.

As I entered their home to document Lucelia's birth, she looked at me radiantly with a smile on her face and said, "Look at me, I'm a birth goddess," which, to be quite honest, was exactly what I was thinking. And just then her amazing doula, Angela Smith, entered with a freshly warmed heat pack for Lucelia. Over the next few hours it became clear to me just why Lucelia was such a glowing, laboring woman. She was loved, massaged, attended to in a most intuitive way by her doula, as well as by John. Lucelia and her husband functioned like a well oiled machine, in fact. And Lucelia's midwife, Dina Aurichio of New Birth Experiences, was amazing. Lucelia, though, who was the star of the show, was who set the tone and we all just followed suit. It was an event to behold and a blessing to have been there to document baby Cae's birth.

Enjoy a few highlights from the birth below, but first, watch the slideshow above!

Welcome to our world sweet baby Cae. And congratulations Lucelia and John and big sister Ceci!

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