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The Birth of Wyatt Morris ~ Pennington, New Jersey Birth Photography

Monday, November 3, 2014

This was a birth for the record books. Here's what I had to say about it just a day after baby Wyatt joined us all earth-side:

It was my honor to serve as both doula and birth photographer at this babe's birth yesterday, which went deep into the night.

I'd like to share two things I already cognitively knew but learned firsthand from this birth. First, a laboring mama who is well loved and supported learns and relearns, by her own discovery, how to labor as she needs as her labor progresses -- a most beautiful thing to witness. And second, even though grain is a sign of a photo being technically flawed, for some births I can affirm that it would just be wrong if altered to look otherwise.

This was my first birth to serve as both doula and birth photographer. I was primarily present as a doula, as will be reflective in what I've captured. I was so thankful once baby was born (a time that I usually step back when serving just as the doula) that I had a camera in hand to document all the first moments. These are moments that otherwise fade from our memories - unfortunately pretty quickly, thanks to the flood of hormones we're experiencing as birthing women in that moment. And it's that very flood of hormones that creates such beautiful moments to capture.

Mama Erika was a FORCE to be reckoned, achieving her unmedicated VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Her husband was a calm, invested source of strength. They both dug deep to bring this sweet babe into the world. It was my honor to stand beside them through this. And her midwives, Heather and Catherine of Midwifery Care Associates, were everything I know them to be -- the most supportive, loving, educated, confident, courageous baby catchers I think there ever have been.

Midwife Heather gives a great placenta tour.
Mama, you did it. And you did it remarkably.
Welcome to our world sweet baby Wyatt. And congratulations Erika and Neil and all the adoring older brothers!

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