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Louise Aucott's Retirement from Call Party

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Louise Aucott, midwife extraordinaire of Midwifery Care Associates, recently retired from being an on-call midwife. She's been practicing midwifery for over thirty seven years and has played a central role in making birth care in the Central New Jersey region what it is today. Over the course of her long career, Louise has been a leader in creating a space in our region for safe, informed home birth options. She's also forged positive, productive interdisciplinary relationships that I, for one, have been personally thankful for, just as thousands of other women and their families have been also.

On October 19th, friends, family, and colleagues from near and far came to celebrate Louise as a woman, mother, and professional. It was a great honor and joy to snap some candids throughout the event. Throughout the night I felt like a wedding photographer following the blushing bride, privy to all the thoughtful, meaningful well-wishes shared with the lady of the day. To get to overhear the words, stories, and photos from births past shared with Louise left me beaming for days. It means a great deal to me just to be a small part of this community.

Louise, you are a great inspiration. A life lived impacting just a fraction of those whose lives you've touched would be a life lived well. Thank you for all that you have done, and we wish you all the best in what comes next. All of us here in Central New Jersey know you're hardly done just yet.

Enjoy a few photos from the party.

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