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The Birth of Charlize Paige ~ Bordentown, New Jersey Birth Photographer

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm only one year into birth photography, and I have a feeling this birth is going to remain in my top most amazing birth experiences I've attended. With that said, though, I've sort of felt that way after every birth I've attended.

I had the pleasure of working alongside mama Karen at the first birth I photographed one year ago this month. Karen was the doula at that birth. She reached out to me late in her pregnancy, and we began to discuss me photographing their unattended home and water birth. Once they'd hired me I went over to their home for a pre-birth meeting as I always do and we discussed their plans for the birth and their preferences and everything that entails. The list of most dear family and friends they were eager to have at their unattended home birth was quite extensive.

But less than 48 hours later John called me in the middle of the night to let me know Karen was in labor and it seemed to have come on rather quickly. I was there within thirty minutes of the call. Twenty minutes after that, in a quiet, still bedroom of just John, Karen, and me, Charlize Paige joined us all earth side.

The entire event was overwhelmingly beautiful, loving, empowered, and joyous. It was breathtaking really. A little while after the birth John woke big sister Reagan to meet their newest little person and, just as the whole family settled into bed, the sun rose and pooled into their bedroom embracing them in the light of day.

This is a slideshow to watch in its entirety, especially for those quiet, sun-bathed shots at the end. Enjoy!

The only "intervention" I witnessed as performed by paramedic-dad.

A whole family event, y'all.

You might be the child of a doula if this is how you entertain yourself inside a birth pool.

Karen and John, thank you for inviting me to capture the birth of your second daughter. It was a great honor and privilege.

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