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Birth Photographer Organization Templates and Business Planning

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm a Type-A art-fart. I'm a bit of an oxymoron in that way I think. So while I love reckless abandonment in particular moments, and I LOVE photographing those moments, behind the scenes I am a business-planning, organizing fiend! 

Being early in the first year of my birth photography business, I'm also trying to stay organized as things begin to really take off. I've recently found the comprehensive organizational system jackpot, and I couldn't help but tell you about it here. 

I'm using Laura Casey's Power Sheets for both personal-life and business planning. The planner she's put together helps me to THINK BIG! Its got lots of envisioning, dreaming, evaluating, goal-setting, and plan-making features. And if that's not what starting a new business is all about then I'm doing it wrong. The planner comes in six-month packs which I'm using over the course of one year by allowing each section to account for two months. This seems most reasonable in this time of my life where I'm dreaming big but also attending to my first priority, raising my little person. And that means that these big dreams might just take a bit longer to execute and realize.

I'm also using Carolyn Spranger's, of Carolyn Spranger Photography & Birth Services, Birth Photographer Organization Templates. While the Power Sheets described above are wonderful, Carolyn's organization templates really makes my planner invaluable. Carolyn had me test these out and I am so thankful she did! The templates are capable of being fully customized to meet each business' needs and reflect the brand. I've tweaked mine to do just that and they are perfect! Some of my favorite template pages are: client workflow (pictured below), birth professional and babysitter contacts, and the page I've crafted to be my perfect third-trimester birth client meeting sheet.

I super-duper recommend you consider investing in these templates. She has a template set for birth photographers (which I think would be perfect for doulas as well!), and also a template set for not-birth-photographers.

I found these little stickies that match my brand, complete my notebook, and make me super giddy!

And here's a little peak into my work space. 

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