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My Eros Ring Sling - A Story of Loss & Friendship

Monday, February 10, 2014

I mentioned a week or so ago on Facebook and Instagram that I'd been given the most beautiful, thoughtful, generous gift from a friend. That gift was a ring sling, but there is sooooo much more to it than that. I'd love to tell you that story here briefly.

As some of you may know, we lost a baby during my second pregnancy last November (which you can read about here if you'd like). We named that baby Eros. After writing and sharing about our loss I received an enormous outpouring of support from other mothers. The messages and thoughtful words I received were comforting in a time of so much physical and emotional pain.

One mama, Rachel, whom I'd interacted with in a babywearing Facebook group and had the pleasure of meeting a few times here in Princeton, reached out to me as well. She has two beautiful daughters and has also experienced multiple losses. She understood what I was experiencing all too well. She was there to offer words of condolence, support, and also encouragement. We continued to chat off and on and one day she told me she had something for me. Honestly, when someone (even a super close friend) tells me they have something for me I assume they saw, like, a pad of post-it notes with a ballerina on it, something random about my past or that they know about me, and bought it as a little gift. And truly, that's touching to me. It makes my heart happy that anyone might think of me. 

Rachel recently visited our home for a play date. When she pulled out her gift for me I noticed it was not post-it notes, but... I still wasn't sure just what. As I was taking it out of the package, I immediately admired the gorgeous color, pattern, and fabric texture of what I was holding. Rachel explained that it was a ring sling she'd had made for me. She knew of a company, Oscha Slings, that made a wrap named Eros and she found it and had it made into a ring sling for me by Kalea Baby. I truly couldn't believe it. I was shocked and thankful; it was difficult for me to keep my composure as I teared up. 

Rachel knows of cool stuff like this because she owns Quirky Baby, a babywearing boutique. She also taught me how to use it properly and safely; I didn't already own a ring sling. 

She wrote me a beautiful note that I read after she left where she explained that she wanted me to be able to carry Eros with me as I kept my daughter by my side. This, she said, could envelop future babies in the story and love of Eros. Tears, lots more tears. 

Truly, my husband can attest, for probably a solid 48 hours I wore my Eros sling whether my daughter was in it or not. To be able to have a symbol of my Eros on me as well as Adiah means everything to me. All of the tears shed over this, as I have assured Rachel, are merely restorative, overwhelmingly touched, grateful tears. It's just so beautiful and so very special.

Rachel, all I can say is thank you. Thank you for your support and understanding. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Thank you for this beautiful gift you've given me. And thank you for your friendship.

2 Responses to “My Eros Ring Sling - A Story of Loss & Friendship”

  1. That is so gorgeous. What a beautiful friendship

  2. This is really heart touching story I felt this from my heart

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