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Thanksgiving ~ Us

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A little late here but wanted to share just a few photos from Thanksgiving. I love following my family (and yours!) around with the camera!

Princeton, NJ lifestyle photographerPrinceton, NJ lifestyle photographer

And here's an example of what you get when you place your snazzy camera on a stack of books, set with all the best settings you can manage while it's funkily set up in front of the TV at an awkwardly low height for you to be able to see through the view finder, you put cartoons on so that your little will look in the right direction because there isn't a me behind the camera doing whatever it takes to get the little person to look, 10 second timer set, push button and RUN… them calm yourself and smile pretty for the camera. This is why you hire me (and why I too invest in professional photography). :)

Princeton, NJ lifestyle photographer

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