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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh man, I'm so excited about this! I'm just so very thankful for the excitement and support surrounding my new photography venture that I wanted to say thank you during this time of thanksgiving by hosting this THANKSGIVEAWAY!

So, what is it?
I'm giving away to one very lucky mama a complimentary Fresh 48 session! Here's exactly what that is:

Fresh 48 Session $300 Value

Congratulations! Your sweet babe is here! This is a unique time of elation and overwhelmingly fresh
 love. I want to capture the moments when siblings and grandparents meet the newest member of their
 family, of mama breastfeeding and so cautiously and tenderly caring for her new babe, and of dad
 looking at his partner with a new sort of admiration and love. I will come to your place of delivery
 between 12 and 48 hours after the birth, hopefully once you and baby have had the chance to rest a bit.
 The session is done during daylight hours to maximize the use of natural light. Within 2 weeks of your
 "Fresh 48" 1-hour session you will receive the high-resolution digital images.

But what if I think you're awesome and totally want a session with you, but I'm not interested in a Fresh 48 session?

Why thank you, I'm flattered. And I think you're awesome, too -- I'd love to have a session with you! Oh right... back to the question. So the $300- value of the Fresh 48 session may be put towards a Birth Collection ONLY, in exchange for the Fresh 48 session, but may NOT be put towards or exchanged for any other session type.

Who can enter?

Whelp, any person who meets the following criteria:
  • is pregnant and due by June 30th, 2014
  • will be giving birth within 30 miles of the following zip code: 08540
  • is the partner to a mama who meets the above criteria (no grandparents, coworkers, friends, etc. may enter for a mama -- mamas and their partners only)

How do I get in on this?! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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